Microbiological testing in an innovative market: Webinar available to watch now

Published: 12-Nov-2020

Webinar dedicated to quality control and safety, including a special focus on vegan and natural products, is available on-demand

To watch now, click here.

With a complex set of consumer, regulatory, and production demands, assessing product quality and safety can seem daunting. For brands and manufacturers of vegan cosmetics, assuring the microbiological safety of products, without compromising their vegan ethics, can be an additional challenge.

MSL Solution Providers recently hosted a free webinar to address these challenges and help businesses better understand quality control and the solutions available to them.

Now available to watch on demand, Ben Elmadi, Business Development Microbiologist at MSL Solution Providers, explains, in clear, easy-to-understand language:

  • Why microbial quality is important
  • How quality control can mitigate the risk of contamination
  • The mandatory tests to ensure both safety and regulatory compliance.

This includes the ‘Preservative Efficacy or Challenge Test (ISO 11930)’, which ensures microbiological quality, establishing that a product’s preservative system can withstand microbial contamination during use.

The presentation also covers the systems available for testing, including VeganSure. A pioneering and unique testing solution, this replaces all animal-derived ingredients with plant based or synthetic alternatives, to assure the safety of a cosmetic product without compromising vegan ethics.

VeganSure is ideal for vegan-friendly products and is registered with The Vegan Society’s Trademark.

Angela Davies, CEO of MSL Solution Providers, comments:"Microbial contamination issues can and do pose risks to human health as well as causing significant financial losses to businesses due to reworking, spoilage, destruction, and recall of product.

"Microbiological testing is a key aspect of cosmetic product safety and a requirement of the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009.

"We hope this webinar has helped businesses in the industry better understand both the requirements of quality control and the solutions available. We encourage any other cosmetic and personal care companies that are uncertain about the procedures and requirements, or who are interested to find out more about the vegan-friendly testing options available, to view it."

Kathryn Crosthwaite, Head of Regulatory Compliance and Quality at Amelia Knight Ltd, adds: "As end-consumers increasingly demand truly vegan products, it is important to reflect this, not only in the ingredients, but in the microbiological testing process too.

"MSL’s VeganSure solution has enabled us to offer fully tested and regulatory-approved products, which support ethical and vegan formulations."

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