Make-up forms nearly half of all UK sales on TikTok Shop

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 24-Oct-2023

Fragrance sales also performed strongly on TikTok Shop, representing 9% of sales over the past year in the UK

Make-up has ranked as the top selling beauty category on TikTok Shop in the UK.

The colour cosmetics category represented 42% of all sales made on the platform over the past 12 months, according to consumer insights firm NIQ.

This was followed by skin care and hair care, with sales amounting to 25% and 11% respectively.

Gen Z consumers are the largest spenders on beauty products through the app, according to NIQ.

“The visually appealing nature of beauty products lends itself to the medium of social media, enabling the creation of compelling ads and organic content that resonate with audiences,” said NIQ.

“Influencers have also played a pivotal role in attracting consumers and driving sales within this ecosystem.”

Fragrance has also performed strongly on the platform, representing 9% of all sales over the past year in the UK.

Overall, personal care products form 61.3% of all sales on TikTok Shop in the UK.

This leads over other categories including kitchen appliances, stationary and cleaning products.

Beauty content generated on TikTok is likely fueling this growth, as the hashtag #makeup has over 530 billion views on the platform.

TikTok Shop rolled out into the US and UK in September 2023, following a soft launch in November last year.

The shopping platform, which is built directly into the app, allows creators to spotlight and sell products to their followers.

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