Maesa awards $35,000 grant to support minority-owned beauty start-ups

By Austyn King | Published: 21-Jul-2023

Three beauty and wellness businesses in the early or pre-launch phase will receive funding and mentorship from the incubator of Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty

Beauty incubator Maesa has unveiled its latest programme designed to boost fledgling beauty brands from minority and underserved communities.

The company’s Maesa Magic Incubator will award a US$35,000 grant to participants, as well as providing them with mentorship and education to grow their beauty and wellness businesses.

With a focus on underrepresented communities including women, BIPOC, LGBT+, differently abled and senior individuals, Maesa said it aims to address the challenges faced by businesses in the early or pre-launch phase, who are often excluded from similar initiatives.

“Maesa embraces the principle that investing in our communities yields shared rewards – and a little bit of magic," said Piyush Jain, CEO of Maesa. 

"By breaking down barriers and offering our proven expertise, the Maesa Magic Incubator aims to create a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry, thriving on innovation and creativity."

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Maesa is known for developing celebrity beauty brands including Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty, Kristin Ess Hair, itk Skincare by YouTubers Brooklyn & Bailey McKnight, Andrew Fitzsimons Hair and more.

Eligible entrepreneurs can apply to the programme until 1 September at

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