Let's unlock the power of miniproteins

Published: 9-Apr-2024

Activen a Swiss-based biotech company has pioneered a new class of actives for the dermocosmetic industry: Miniproteins. Designed with biomimetic production technology and discovery methodology, they are highly potent and safe, making them a unique choice among the new generation of active ingredients.

To learn more visit Activen at in-cosmetics Global 2024, booth 1S14

Today, consumers are looking for quick and effective anti-aging solutions. But while the adage goes that you have to suffer to be beautiful, people are not willing to go to extreme measures.

Instead, they are turning to non-invasive solutions that deliver tangible and significant results. XEP™-716 Miniprotein™ addresses this growing consumer demand by targeting skin rejuvenation and multiple signs of aging. It improves skin density, elasticity and collagen synthesis.

XEP™-716 Miniprotein™ is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that reveals younger looking skin. This breakthrough ingredient is capable of unleashing the pleiotropic effects of TGF-ß. Unlike this growth factor, XEP™-716 Miniprotein™ can actually penetrate the skin thanks to its small size (molecular weight: 2,000 Da) and unique 3D folded structure.

This special feature gives XEP™-716 Miniprotein™ a higher affinity for its target and greatly increases its efficacy. With visible results in just two weeks, this product meets the modern consumer's desire for fast, non-invasive results. With XEP™-716 Miniprotein™, embrace quiet beauty!

Hanane CHAJRA, Product Development and Innovation Manager, will be speaking on Wednesday, April 17 at 3:50 pm in Technical Theater 3. Join the presentation to discover XEP-716 Miniprotein™ and how advanced instrumental and imaging techniques unveil the power of this new class of ingredient: “The power of Miniproteins™ unveiled by advanced instrumental and imaging techniques”.

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