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Specialists in the formulation, development, manufacture, filling, packaging and marketing of luxury private label health, beauty, cosmetic and personal care products.

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If you have ever found yourself looking admiringly at the tantalising collection of cosmetics and fragrances available in a department store, have you ever actually dared to think that you could also be a proud and successful brand owner?

Many people are not just consumers of such pleasures they are aficionados. Cosmetics are their hobby, their passion, their life. Like a true enthusiast of any genre, these dedicated industry fans often have great knowledge of existing brands and an established perspective of what they like, don’t like and how they might just do it differently if they had the chance.

So if you find yourself dreaming about creating a new brand or expanding an existing brand and conquering a larger market share how would you actually start?

The world of cosmetics, fragrance and personal care is a complicated one. Creating a successful brand offering is exceptionally difficult and requires the usual mixture of good ideas, determination, business savvy and dedication to task together with a sprinkling of good fortune. It is important for the process from initial concept generation through product formulation, brand and packaging development, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, distribution and marketing to be fully understood.

If you are a traditional multinational heavyweight you will have significant resources and numerous dedicated departments and team members, which a start-up or younger brand is unlikely to have. This is not necessarily to the young brands detriment however. Young brands tend to be very creative often spotting and fulfilling a market opportunity with a sense of real connectedness. Nevertheless, tackling the process single handed is not for the faint hearted, nor is it necessarily in the long term interest of the brand. It makes good commercial sense to partner with industry specialists.

Kew Health and Beauty Ltd has been privileged to work with an interesting selection of brands, both start-ups and established, and has a wealth of industry knowledge. By working with Kew, a company is able to immediately have its own specialised team supporting the brand both at initial start-up and throughout its life. Kew puts particular emphasis on natural and scientific skincare, body care, premium baby care, fine fragrance and nutrition in both female and male categories.

Kew believes in personal relationships which is why it offers a unique approach specifically tailored to a brand’s needs through a portfolio of services from which the brand can choose. Kew is able to assist with all aspects of a project from initial idea creation and brand development through formulation, development, packaging selection, regulatory compliance, manufacture, storage and distribution. As part of this process, Kew offers the services of leading formulators, graphic designers, branding experts and professional copywriters.

In a world where to stand out from the crowd you need not only to shine but shine brighter than ever before, it makes sense to build a great team from the start. Kew aims to integrate as much as practically possible into a brand’s business environment thereby enabling open communication, true understanding and speed of response.
So, if you want to turn that dream of brand ownership into reality, or move your existing brand and product offering to the next level, Kew may just be the catalyst that you need.

Formulation and manufacture

With a full range capability from creams to wipes we can assist you from planning through to delivery. Our ethical stance means there is no testing on animals, we promote the use of organic materials and can also assist if you wish to use recyclable packaging.


There are a wide variety of standard and bespoke options for jars, bottles, containers, pumps, tubes, cartons, labels, leaflets, merchandisers and display cases.


We can help with all forms of sampling. From sachets through to blister packs, and specialist novel concepts. We can arrange for burst testing of sachets and blisters (important for magazine distribution) and also stability and compatibility of the bulk product with the sample packs.

Marketing and Design Services

From creation of printed materials through to websites, advertising, brand identity and product design, Kew offers a comprehensive service to enhance your market presence.

For a full range of services see our web site link on the address card above.

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