Kanebo launches deodorising body cream

Published: 13-Dec-2016

Male grooming product aimed at preventing body odour

Kanebo has launched a body cream specifically aimed at men concerned by body odour.

Lissage Men Aromatic Cream (¥2,700) is said to give the body a pleasant fragrance while moisturising the skin. The formula includes essential oils for a pleasant odour while moisturising ingredients give the skin a soft, moist texture.

Body odour and skin dryness were found to be the two concerns among male consumers when surveyed by Kanebo in 2015.

Tomoko Ogino, Brand Manager at Lissage, explained that the cream was developed in response to changing social habits. She said: “Men today have ample opportunity to associate with women outside of their families.

“Many are surrounded by female colleagues and superiors at work. Now that they spend more time with women, they are paying closer attention to their personal appearance and grooming. Smell plays an important part.”

Launch: out now

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