Just For Men's latest innovation promises a world first with pigment altering shampoo

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 6-Jan-2017

Control GX claims greys to vanish naturally, regardless of original hair colour

Just For Men is claiming a world first with its latest patented shampoo that is said to gradually reduce grey hair with each wash.

The Control GX range (£8.69) has been launched in Canada, New Zealand and the US but will be available to UK consumers later this month in major stores and pharmacies.

Compared to regular hair dye, the Shampoo and 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is designed to not cover up grey but to gradually deposit melanin (the pigment lost naturally through ageing in each wash.

The product is suitable for all natural hair colours, regardless of the amount of greys, and a change should be seen in two to four weeks.

Clare Want, Managing Director for Just for Men, told Cosmetics Business: “This is a true innovation. Control GX is the first and only long lasting grey reduction product that can be used in place of a daily, regular shampoo.”

Although unable to provide specific details about clinical trials, Just For Men said it feels confident in the products as they took eight years to develop. According to the band, 4,000 men ‘tested the product and proved it does what it says’.

“We expect to see a positive impact in the market,” she added. “Research shows that the two major barriers for men to enter the category are ‘fear of use/messing up’ and ‘fear of being found out’.”

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