Jo Loves adopts refillable technology for Fragrance Paintbrush

By Becky Bargh | Published: 14-Jan-2021

The beauty product’s slimmer design also uses less packaging to better its eco-credentials

The beauty brand of British fragrance icon Jo Malone, Jo Loves, has developed a sustainable packaging alternative for its Fragrance Paintbrush.

Users can now purchase refillable cartridges carrying the fragranced gel for their on-the-go scent applicator.

Meanwhile, Jo Loves has redesigned the outer casing of its Fragrance Paintbrush with a slimmer, silver design, which uses less packaging.

“I love painting with fragrance, it brings out the scent artist in you,” said Malone.

“I have evolved and redesigned the Fragrance Paintbrushes – they are chic, creative and a must-have for every day.”

The refillable cartridges are available for all seven of the product’s scents: Pomelo, White Rose & Lemon Leaves, Jo By Jo Loves, Pink Vetiver, Orange Butterflies, No.42 The Flower Shop and Green Orange & Coriander and retail at £35 for four cartridges.

Jo Loves released its ‘industry first’ paintbrush in 2017 after three years in development.

The product was designed to change the way consumers interact and apply scents.

“It was a crazy idea, but something caught my imagination and so the journey began,” she said at the time.

“Dozens of formulations and countless trails followed, until finally everything came together, from the newly formulated gel cologne, which holds the fragrance and dries in seconds, to the travel size brush that can go anywhere and everywhere with you.”

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