Ipsum: The latest in clean, authentic Australian skin care

Published: 25-Nov-2020

Ipsum face and body products use only sustainably-sourced certified organic oils

Boutique marketing and sales services agency, Beauty Anthologie announces a US market partnership with Australian luxury, organic skin care from super-charged native plant oils.

Created and bottled in Byron Bay, Australia, Ipsum face and body products use only sustainably-sourced certified organic oils made from plants grown in their natural habitat.

The culmination of over 25 years of learning, understanding and writing about the best in beauty in the UK and in Australia, Ipsum Best Skin face and body care has been created by former beauty journalist and author Janet Hayward, with the knowledge and devoted belief in the unique and effective power of pure, native plant oils.

As a journalist, the opportunity to meet and interview global specialists including green cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, aromatherapists and botanists - along with a hands-on approach to producing natural beauty in book titles Organic Beauty, Lemon's are a Girl's Best Friend and Pretty as a Peach - offered invaluable insight and helped inspire the creation of the Ipsum range.

Ipsum formulations are delicately balanced blends of carefully selected nutrient-rich and active native plant oils to ensure each face and body product nourishes, enlivens and protects skin through the rigours of daily life, across the seasons.

We use only certified organic and natural oils to protect the biodiversity of the environment and to avoid introducing unnecessary chemicals into the skin care routine.

The natural fragrances of the plant oils also offer great aromatherapy benefits to balance the mood and help support general health.

According to Hayward: “Our formulations are blended and bottled in the clean, verdant and very beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay, NSW Australia under strict COSMOS regulations to preserve the integrity of the environment and our products. Ultimately, our aim is to offer luxurious, clean and pure skin care that will ensure you achieve your very best skin.”

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