Introducing Foreseen Shield Nopal active cells: Your Shield Against Photoaging

Published: 6-Jun-2023

At Naolys we are passionate environmentalists, fascinated by the healing properties of plants. When we stumbled upon the mystical Nopal, we became determined to unlock its full potential

Revolutionary Skin Defences

Our advanced Foreseen Shield Nopal active cells penetrate the skin through bio-mimetic assimilation, fortifying its natural defences against photoaging. Harnessing the remarkable potential of this plant, Foreseen Shield Nopal provides a comprehensive solution in combating skin aging. It has been clinically proven to effectively reduce wrinkles, especially crow's feet, with an impressive 31% reduction in the total surface area of wrinkles.

Unparalleled Antioxidant Power

Foreseen Shield Nopal combats oxidation induced by UV rays by reducing malondialdehyde levels by 18%. Fighting free radicals, the primary culprits behind premature aging.

Decrease irritation

Experience the soothing effect of Foreseen Shield Nopal cells as they modulate the skin's natural immune and defence system by reducing the levels of IL-8 and IL-10, associated to inflammation, while simultaneously promoting lymphocyte proliferation.

Limiting DNA damaged

With a specific focus on photoaging, Foreseen Shield Nopal provides robust protection against UV-induced damage. It effectively decreases cell DNA fragmentation, a crucial indicator of DNA damage caused by UV exposure. Moreover, it tackles pigmentation concerns by reducing melanin rate by 14% and tyrosinase activity by 13%, resulting in a visible decrease in skin pigmentation.

Unlock the potential of Foreseen Shield Nopal active cells, say hello to a skin that radiates timeless beauty.

We offer both in-vitro and in-vivo reports to support the efficacy of Foreseen Shield Nopal. Our product is non-allergenic, free from preservatives, and can be seamlessly incorporated into various formulations. We can provide COSMOS or Natrue approvals upon request for all liquid forms of the product.

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