INOLEX reveals new website for a fresh take on sourcing sustainable ingredients

Published: 1-Feb-2022

Adopting a tranquil digital experience while delivering robust scientific and on-trend market expertise

INOLEX has launched a new website that delivers a fresh, unexpected take on sourcing sustainable ingredients for health, beauty, and wellness.

The site offers customers and the broader community a tranquil and immersive digital experience while serving robust scientific ingredient expertise and on-trend market insights.

With smart features akin to a B2C e-commerce website, the online platform offers an intuitive interface for individuals to engage with new content.

According to Lisa Gandolfi, VP Marketing, “We are delivering in a clean, authentic way what we do best, which is providing sustainable ingredients that move the industry forward.”

“Our new site equips our Beauty and Personal Care community with the technical know-how to source sustainable ingredients that meet their dynamic needs. At the same time, we’ve taken a thoughtful approach in creating a serene space for visitors to pause, explore, and get inspired by who INOLEX is as a partner.”

The site offers numerous features, including a customised filter tool to quickly match criteria for function, application, claims, and more with the right INOLEX ingredients.

Product pages provide a seamless, one-touch request for ingredient & prototype sampling and relevant product data, while direct download of key documentation is available for each ingredient.

Visitors can also request a one-on-one product consultation for more personalised service.

The Discover and Learn center brings together expert insights and inspiration on market-focused trends and science-focused content such as technical articles, research, and white-papers.

Further, the vast collection of interactive content throughout the site interweaves the company’s foundation of green chemistry and ingredient life cycles.

“The aspiration in designing this new website–to give customers confidence in making the right product selections that clearly align with their goals–is profound.”

“In all aspects, from product selection to leadership in scientific, market, and sustainability topics, this vision is realised throughout the site experience,” said Kevin Gallagher, INOLEX Board Member.

More subtle is the refreshed imagery, colour scheme, and iconography, which evokes a natural and subdued feel to reinforce the company’s commitment to naturality and sustainability.

“We’ve built a memorable experience, both through how this new site makes you feel and through functionality that helps customers match their objectives with ingredient selection. Ultimately, we hope to empower customers with our ingredients and forge a personal connection through an approachable and productive digital journey,” said Gandolfi.

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