100% natural, biodegradable high-value bioactive ingredients. Upcycled from certified forest industry side streams. Ideal for replacing environmentally harmful ingredients, such as micro plastics

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Birch has been used for hundreds of years to protect and sooth the skin. We develop and produce innovative high-value bioactive ingredients from certified Nordic Forest industry side streams. Our upcycled wood-based ingredients are more environmentally sustainable and can replace fossil-based ingredients such as micro plastics and other environmentally harmful ingredients.

Our unique solution enables our customers:

  • To make ground-breaking innovations
  • To replace environmentally harmful ingredients
  • To lower the carbon footprint


Our unique in-house designed, patent pending production process technology ensures the high international quality and safety standards.



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are in the core of our short- and long-term planning and operations. We believe in circular economy and use wooden side-streams to make a better world. Our objective is to have zero carbon footprint in the production process.

By using certified Nordic Forest industry side streams, we upcycle natural material that normally would be used for low value purposes, into sustainable high-value ingredients. The wood we use as raw material is certified and traceable.

Our aim is to minimize the carbon footprint at all stages of production by utilizing environmentally friendly and innovative solutions. For example, wood raw material left over from our production is recycled into bioenergy for the needs of the production plant. Our production plant utilises bio-based heat and electricity. In addition, waste heat from production is utilised to increase energy efficiency by heating production buildings.

We focus on helping our customers and aim to create win-win situation in which all parties succeed and make a positive impact for a sustainable world.


From Nordic forest to sustainable beauty

Our biodegradable, 100% natural upcycled ingredients are perfect for innovations in all cosmetic product categories including skin care, hair care, body care, decorative cosmetics, and oral care.

Birch Bark Powder – 100% natural and biodegradable ingredient. Excellent choice for replacing environmentally harmful ingredients, such as micro plastics. The particles are lipophilic making the powder suitable also for deep cleansing purpose. No pollen-based allergens nor rosin acids. No active microbes.

Birch Charcoal Powder – 100% natural, renewable, and vegan, sustainable, and ethical choice. Ideal for black-coloured formulations such as cleansing masks and mascaras. Non-food raw material source. Not water-soluble. Low level of residual PAH’s and heavy metals. Available in different particle sizes.

Betulin – 100% natural and vegan active ingredient for calming and soothing the skin. Ideal to replace synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, and antioxidants as well as to stabilize semisolid systems. Sustainable and ethical choice. Also available in COSMOS certified product.

Suberin – Isolated natural suberin acid mixture made from upcycled Nordic birch bark. 100% natural, biodegradable, and sustainable. Active ingredient and gelling agent in protecting and anti-aging skin creams and hair conditioners. Available in five different compositions and properties.

Azelaic Acid - 100% vegan. 100% renewable carbon. Non-food raw material source. Sustainable and ethical choice.

Endless Innovation

Our upcycled ingredients offer endless opportunities for different types of formulation innovations and we are dedicated to continuous innovation and sustainable product development.

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