Cosmetics and allergens testing from QACS Lab


Allergen Quantification and Patch testing help mitigate the risk

Cosmetics and allergens testing from QACS Lab

Allergic reactions from cosmetic, personal care and fragrance products have always posed a health risk for consumers.

As consumers become more aware and search for product options that are compatible with their skin, cosmetic companies should plan their testing procedures accordingly.

Cosmetic allergens can cause inflammatory responses and skin sensitisations such as contact dermatitis.

This risk can be avoided when cosmetic manufacturers proceed to Allergen Quantification and inform consumers about allergens that may be found in their products.

Such testing identifies and quantifies 57 volatile compounds, known as cosmetic allergens.

QACS performs Chemical Testing of cosmetic allergens using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).

To take your dermatologically and hypoallergenic claims further, we advise you to proceed to Dermatological Testing.

QACS Labs provide Patch testing to substantiate dermatological claims and HRIPT to substantiate hypoallergenic claims.

Tests are performed clinically, under the supervision of dermatologists and experienced scientific personnel.

QACS Labs are here to support your cosmetic product development with Cosmetic Allergen Quantification and Dermatological testing such as Patch and HRIPT.

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