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Eurofragance is a Barcelona-based multinational fragrance house that designs and produces high quality fragrances for worldwide brands in fine perfumery, home, personal and air care



We are active in markets across the globe in all product categories and segments where scents play a role. Eurofragance has the capabilities, equipment and infrastructure of large fragrance companies, but offers the creativity and bespoke services of a boutique perfume house.

As a B2B company, our purpose is to produce outstanding and accessible perfumes for our customers so that their brands can delight consumers. All decisions are taken with sustainability in mind and our corporate values: passion, performance and entrepreneurship.


Our global network of Creative Centers in Barcelona, Singapore, Mexico and Dubai affords customer proximity, a real understanding of the market and shorter delivery times. Every one of our Creative Centers is staffed with Perfumers, Fragrance Development Managers (FDMs), Lab Scientists and Marketing professionals.


The entire Eurofragance workforce, across geographies and departments is fully engaged in the sustainable development cause. We aim to produce high quality fragrances that will have the lowest possible impact on our environment. This is coupled with a strict respect for all three pillars of sustainable development. In particular, Health and Safety of all stakeholders along our value chain, from suppliers to end users and Eurofragance employees along the way, is of paramount importance.


With regards to innovations, Eurofragance is primarily active in: delivery systems, malodor counteraction and new ingredients development. In 2021, we introduced our first captive. Made from upcycled sawdust, L’Âme du Bois™ provides Perfumers with a proprietary ingredient that gives a new olfactive expression to woody notes. L’Âme du Bois™ is naturally-derived and produced in an eco-friendly manner.