ICS launches new self care collection

Published: 23-Oct-2020

ICS demonstrates their expertise in packaging and full service with the launch of their self care collection

ICS demonstrates their expertise in packaging and full service with the launch of their self care collection, featuring packaging and formulation options for a variety of self care categories, including skin care, body care, hair care, nail care, colour cosmetics and DIY self care.

Since the impact of Covid-19 self care and wellness are more prevalent than ever as consumers now have more time to focus on themselves both mentally and physically, not only as an act of selfcare, but also due to more time spent at home under social distancing conditions.

Skin care has become an easy and accessible way for consumers to invest in their wellbeing, helping to create a sense of normalcy during these unprecedented times.

According to The NPD Group, close to 40% of facial skincare users report using their products more often today than a year ago. At ICS, we have been specializing in skin care packaging for almost 30 years and have seen a dramatic rise in demand for skin care packaging for bottles, sprayers, pumps, jars, droppers, and tubes, especially in packaging made from glass and recyclable plastic.

Not only due to their formulation compatibility benefits, but their recyclable sustainability benefits. Our self care skin care category features our ICS exclusive boston round molded glass bottles in 15ml and 30ml sizes with standard neck sizes to fit various applicators, including droppers, pumps and sprayers, perfect for a variety of skin care formulations.

We have also developed our ICS Exclusive Molded Glass Jar. Our simple and elegant 12.5ml jar is ideal for various high-end formulations such as eye creams, lip masks and more.

Interest in body care and hair care have also hit a new high at ICS since consumers have realised selfcare does not stop at their face, brands are now seeking body care and hair products that bring the same level of naturalness and efficacy as their face-focused counterparts.

ICS' body care and hair care categories within our self care collection feature a variety of mono-material and glass packaging options. Mono-material and Glass packaging can both be easily classified for recycling meaning they can easily be reused and repurposed giving the product a longer life cycle making mono-material plastic and glass packaging a highly sustainable choice.

ICS Recyclable packaging is available in a variety of different packaging choices, such as bottles, jars, sprayers, sticks and more, perfect for our self care formulations, such as our Cannabis Allure Hydrate Mist or our Self-warming Hair Mask.

Colour cosmetics are also adjusting to a new way of life as more emphasis is placed on the eyes and brows in the era of face masks and scrutinous hygiene.

The colour cosmetic packaging within our self care collection features packs with built-in applicators as we notice consumers looking for packaging that helps keep their formulation contaminant-free, without the need to touch or apply the product with their fingers, such as our Aluminum Refillable Eyeliners and our Soft-tip Freckle Pen.

Nail care and DIY self care have also gained popularity. DIY manicures, pedicures, facial workouts and at home facial sheet masks offer users a stress-free experience to get away from reality and indulge themselves in the selfcare regiment. Featuring our ICS Nail Files, Buffs, Cuticle Sticks, Facial Sheet Masks, Faux Lashes and more.

As the trend of self care and wellness continue to grow ICS has almost 30 years of experience in packaging and formulation, specialising in colour cosmetics and skin care.

Our global presence, years of experience and beauty ingenuity keeps ICS at the forefront of trend innovation to provide your brands with innovative solutions to capture the latest trends and consumer needs.

For more information, please visit our website www.ics-world.com or email us at info@ics-world.com.

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