How to ensure a fresh and pleasant breath during the pandemic

Published: 11-Dec-2020

Customers are looking even more into their toothpaste composition and on finding more natural and efficient formulations

How to ensure a fresh and pleasant breath during the pandemic?

The most common reasons for bad breath are dry mouth, tobacco and of course food particles in and around your teeth which grow odour-producing bacteria. On top of that, poor dental hygiene increases bacteria accumulation and therefore develops a stronger smell.

A smell that brings even more discomfort when you are wearing a face mask most of the day due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dentists recommend regular teeth brushing and flossing, but having the right toothpaste composition is also key to a fresh breath and dental hygiene.

How do formulators assess the efficiency of toothpaste formulation?

The Cleaning Efficiency Index (CEI) emphasizes the importance of good stain removal properties by maintaining the lowest dentin abrasivity.

In toothpaste formulations, abrasives represent 15% to 60% of the composition and clean the teeth by removing mechanically stained pellicle for a short and long term whitening effect. They are also used to polish and smooth the surface of enamel.

The choice of the best abrasive is a compromise between the cleaning power, and the potential damages caused to the enamel. Today, the main abrasive used in toothpaste is synthetic silica, which is less and less appreciated by consumers due to the non naturality of this material.

Imerys’ goal is to obtain the highest CEI with a natural mineral, therefore minimising the Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) to lower the damages on enamel and maximising the Pellicle Cleaning Ratio (PCR) to increase the cleaning efficacy.

How to achieve efficient enamel cleaning with natural solutions?

ImerCare has developed innovative natural mineral grades specifically engineered to maximize toothpaste efficiency while respecting the enamel of the teeth.

To answer consumers’ demand for more natural composition of their toothpaste without compromising the efficacy, Imerys has developed a COSMOS approved alternative to abrasive synthetic silica.

Thanks to the unique shape of the particles resulting from a specific process, the 100% natural kaolin ImerCare KaoBright has a high polishing action for whitening effect and smoothing surface of the enamel.

Using ImerCare KaoBright has a clear benefit to long term enamel retention and overall oral care health. Due to its inertness, ImerCare KaoBright is compatible with other toothpaste ingredients and particularly therapeutic agents such as fluor.

All ImerCare grades for oral care applications were tested by the Oral Health Research Institute at Indiana University, USA, find out more on the study and our products on here.

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