How to achieve efficient enamel cleaning with natural solutions?

Published: 31-May-2021

In the pursuit of healthy white teeth with natural ingredients, Imerys has engineered an innovative natural mineral grade, specifically designed to maximise toothpaste efficacy while respecting the enamel of the teeth.

To answer consumers’ demand for more natural toothpaste composition without compromising its performance, Imerys developed ImerCare KaoBright, a natural, “COSMOS approved” kaolin as an alternative to abrasive synthetic silica.

Thanks to the unique particle shape, resulting from a specific process, ImerCare KaoBright confers a high polishing action generating a whitening effect and smooth enamel surface.

ImerCare KaoBright is tailor-made for overall oral care health.

For more efficacy, ImerCare KaoBright can be combined with other natural toothpaste ingredients such as ImerCare PerlWhite 19, a natural perlite from ImerCare oral care range.

In fact, the duo boosts the cleaning properties and significantly upgrades the naturality index of the toothpaste. It can be also incorporated into innovative toothpaste formulations such as solid toothpastes.

Using toothpastes containing ImerCare Oral Care grades clean the surface of the teeth without scratching, minimising damage to enamel, dentin, root surfaces and gum tissue.

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