Hourglass Cosmetics faces discrimination allegations

Published: 11-Sep-2015

Three former employees are claiming £38,000

The Founder and Chief Executive of LA-based cosmetics company Hourglass has come under fire from three former employees.

According to a report by the Evening Standard, three beauty consultants who worked for Hourglass on its cosmetics counters in Liberty’s Regent Street store are claiming £38,000 for sex discrimination, breach of contract, race and religious discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Darshana Patel, Leena Chaudhary and Semone Ballin brought their case, which is still active, before an employment tribunal. Patel, 30, claimed that she was told she could only ‘ghost write’ a beauty blog despite a caucasian colleague being allowed to use his own name. She has accused the company of not wanting to be “associated with people of colour”, the Evening Standard Reported.

Meanwhile, Ballin, 34, claimed that Hourglass’ Founder and Chief Executive Carisa Janes described Ballin as the “coloured lady” at a team dinner in October 2013. Janes is also accused of questioning why Muslim women wear make-up under their veils.

Finally, Chaudhary, 34, was dismissed from working at Hourglass after the company claimed she had not handed in sick notes. She claimed that she had caught wind of a rumour that implied Janes was planning to fire Ballin “because she did not like the look of her”.

Janes has denied all allegations. The Evening Standard reported that she said in a statement: “I have never criticised or denigrated any religion and I have never said any cultural tradition is stupid.” She added that the warehouse staff in the US is 70% non-white and the “UK workforce is also diverse and has the same friendly, family atmosphere”.

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