Hair care: From scalp to tip

Published: 3-Sep-2021

As more consumers realise that beautiful looking hair starts with a healthy scalp, the trend for skin actives in hair care products is growing.

“Skinification” also feeds into the trend for Resilient Beauty, with its focus on bouncing back from adversity stronger than before and building a better future by using trusted and sustainable ingredients. But which actives beneficial to skin can also be beneficial to the scalp and hair – and in what ways?

New ex vivo and in vivo data conducted by DSM’s hair care and skin care experts show how proven DSM actives in our skin care portfolio can be used to target the hair and scalp challenge consumers care about most, including:

Solutions to help prevent hair loss and hair greying

More than one third of consumers are using scalp care products at home to fight hair thinning and density concerns, and more than 49% of consumers are interested in preventive solutions.

DSM’s organically cultivated plant extract Alpaflor Edelweiss CB and the Five vitamins compound BeauPlex VH show increased hair density, in vivo over five months.

 According to Mintel, greying hair is a primary concern among both men and woman.

Based on latest findings from new DSM’s in vivo studies, the both actives, Alpaflor Edelweiss CB and BeauPlex VH, help also to improve hair pigmentation after 4 months – resulting in fewer grey hairs.

Solution to help hydration and sebum control

44% of consumers believe that moisturising is the key to tackling scalp complaints such as itchiness, flaking and sensitivity. DSM’s new data unveils about how the 100% natural active Pentavitin reinforces the scalp barrier in just 24 hours and lowers sebum production to visibly reduce flaking.

Solution to enhance hair volume without compromising on care

Achieving the ultimate volume is one of the top trends in hair care – and one of the TOP desired benefits by consumers. With its unique mode of action, TILAMAR Boost 150 , a microbiome friendly technology, delivers visible long lasting volume with an extra touch of care for different hair types, proven benefits by hairdresser tests.

DSM solutions for hair care

With the right ingredients, new hair and scalp care formulations can target and address consumers’ top concerns while enabling a more resilient beauty routine. DSM identified more than 20 science-backed active ingredients within its skin care portfolio that could deliver a great range of benefits in hair care.

Download DSM’s new hair care line–up providing a great variety of solutions from scalp to tip to make the most of your hair care routine all year-round.

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