Gattefossé unveils its new collection of suncare formulas

Published: 6-Dec-2022

The launch of this new suncare kit is the result of several months of work by the Gattefossé teams, who have applied their expertise in formulation and sensory analysis to the field of suncare

This kit, composed of 8 formulas and created from 4 key ingredients of its portfolio (emulsifiers or texturising agent), responds to both the challenges faced by formulators and the needs and requirements of consumers.

The sensoriality of sunscreens is a major concern and a challenge for formulators. Addition of UV filters to cosmetics brings greasiness and stickiness that are difficult to hide and unpleasant to the consumer.

The sensory evaluation of its products and formulas is at the heart of Gattefossé's concerns, based on its expertise in textures developed over 25 years ago. Gattefossé reaffirms its expertise in suncare by offering a collection of suncare formulas combining effective UV protection and comfort of application to meet the needs of consumers:

  • Unexpected combinations and innovative textures
  • Optimisation of sensoriality
  • Understanding of world regions specificities (regulation, needs, climates…)
  • Testing of sunscreens in real-use conditions
  • Use of a UV camera to visualise sunscreens once applied on the skin and how it evolves over time

Ingredients for sensorial suncare products

Gattefossé has developed texture ingredients that respond to the major issues encountered in the formulation of suncare products: performance, stability, and sensoriality.

Emulium Illustro, a W/O emulsifier, has proven its compatibility with organic and mineral UV filters and creates stable formulations with a comfortable feel.

Emulium Dolcea MB, an O/W emulsifier, creates stable textures with an ultra-soft and non-tacky afterfeel.

Emulium Mellifera MB is another O/W emulsifier that makes it possible to formulate suncare products with a light and non-greasy finish.

Finally, Acticire MB is an active texturising agent that improves sensoriality of suncare products by reducing the greasy and tacky afterfeel. It also improves durability of the protective film on the skin, as observed with the UV camera.

“We have been working on suncare for 8 years now. Our ingredients enable to create innovative textures with all kinds of UV filters. Our expert sensory panel helps us to optimise the sensory profiles of our suncare products. Performance being a priority, we test our formulas to guarantee the protective efficacy (SPF in vitro and in vivo, UVA), the water resistance and the photostability of UV filters.

We offer help to our customers for any suncare related questions, or to provide expertise and assistance for their formulation projects” explains Malorie Duvent, Cosmetic evaluation manager and Suncare expert at Gattefossé.

8 suncare formulas for all situations and needs

Gattefossé’s application lab has been working on 8 new formulations, with very different sensory profiles and containing organic UV filters, mineral or a combination of both, to meet all expectations in terms of photo-protection.

Focus on 2 formulas

2177-7.03 Mineral Shield SPF50

Sensitive and sun-intolerant skin deserves effective and sensorial UV protection too! Formulated with Emulium Illustro, this sunscreen is neither sticky or greasy on the skin. It is easy to apply and gives the skin a sunshine glow thanks to Gatuline Radiance.

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2494-1.13 Powdery Stick SPF50+

Some body areas are particularly prone to UV damage and deserve a foolproof sun protection: nose, cheekbones, scars, tattoos... This anhydrous sun stick is ideal due to its targeted application and its SPF50+. Once applied, it leaves a dry and powdery finish.

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