Farm to Formulation: O&3 Press on in Zero-waste Natural Oil Production

Published: 2-Oct-2023

As consumer demand for natural and sustainable beauty is on the rise, the popularity of cold-pressed oils is at the forefront of the zero-waste movement

O&3’s Raspberry Seed Oil, Cold Pressed is a prime example of zero-waste production, minimising waste right from the start. A by-product of the fruit juice and jam industry, the raspberry seeds are collected and then, unlike other methods, which employ heat and chemical additives, the seeds are cold-pressed by a screw press mechanism to generate pressure, gently grinding and crushing the oil from the seeds.

The only heat generated by this entirely natural method, comes from the friction of the screw press, meticulously controlled to prevent damage to the finished oil.

By avoiding the use of heat, not only is the integrity of the oil maintained and the natural taste and scent preserved, but it also prevents degradation of the oil’s nutritional content, oxidative damage, and rancidity.

But it doesn’t stop there, O&3’s commitment to zero-waste goes even further – leftover seeds are repurposed and sold for natural exfoliants or used in animal feed, efficiently utilising materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.

“We are very proud of our ambitions to minimise waste across all our operations at O&3. Cold Pressed oil is not only an ingredient solution for our clients throughout the world, but also a further commitment as a business to go the extra lengths to be kinder to our planet.” - Victoria Hopson, O&3 Head of Operations.

Always on the hunt for the next unique raw material to extract from, the O&3 crew are completely committed to the ever-evolving world of cold-pressed oils. From Cucumber Seed Oil to Carrot Seed Oil; whatever the aroma, flavour or nutritional makeup, the ever-growing O&3 range continues to cover it.

So, if you are not currently using cold-pressed oils, make the switch to zero-waste and join us on our journey to a greener and more sustainable future for all at

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