Epopack's new product launch: MJ6-100 100ml PET heavy wall jar

Published: 12-Feb-2024

Epopack's mono-material jar lineup is expanding: introducing the new 100ml size

The company shares: "In our relentless pursuit of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions, we are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the MJ family: the MJ6-100, 100ml PET heavy wall jar.

Crafted with years of innovation, these jars stand out for their mono-material PET construction, ensuring easy recycling. This subtle shift makes recycling easier, simplifying the separation process. Opt for 100% PCR PET for enhanced sustainability.

The heavy wall style creates a sturdy feel that delivers satisfaction, translating to a trustworthy brand image and experience.

With this new size, MJ6 series has 5 sizes available, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.
Each jar comes with 3 components: PET jar cap, PET jar lid and PET jar base.

Additionally, EPOPACK offers decoration services, allowing brands to customise the jar uniquely, reflecting their individual style, from simplicity to intricate designs.

This new addition showcases EPOPACK's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and streamlining recycling, leading the industry in providing eco-conscious packaging solutions.

Book a demo with us. Email:  amy@epopack.com "


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