Earthoil talks about the benefits and beauty of the rose

Published: 23-Nov-2017

Roses have long been grown for their unique aroma, first cultivated in Anatolia, Turkey several millennia ago.

The botanic name Damascena refers to Damascus, the capital of Syria, from where the fragrant rose was allegedly brought to Europe during the Crusades.

Today, Earthoil sources from the main rose oil producing countries including, Bulgaria, and the Lalehzar Mountains in the Kerman Province.

Sustainable Sourcing

Earthoil talks about the benefits and beauty of the rose

The Earthoil team visited both growers and distillers throughout the Middle Mountain and Rose Valley regions in Bulgaria on a recent field trip. The team took part in an early morning harvest, which enabled them to see the condition of the crop during peak harvest season first-hand. It also allowed them to discover if there had been any changes in recent years, and how this may have affected the livelihood of the local people. There was a late snowfall over parts of the rose valley close to the harvest season, so there had been initial concerns, however the crop was not showing signs of being affected and was looking successful in terms of volumes harvested. Demand continues to rise for the rose oil and the harvest season ended successfully, with availability at a manageable level.

By building relationships with a range of suppliers, Earthoil offers a sustainable supply of this precious oil to its customers.

Benefits in Cosmetics

Earthoil talks about the benefits and beauty of the rose

Earthoil rose oil is a 100% pure, steam distilled essential oil.

Rose oil is used in many countries in the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumes where its rich and characteristically floral fragrance is prized.

Rose water, also produced in the process, is regularly used in a range of skincare products.

As a natural astringent, rose is reported to help tighten pores and restore suppleness for a glowing complexion. Unlike conventional alcohol-based toners, rose claims to leave skin feeling smooth, not dried out. It is also recognised for its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, making it popular in cleansers and toners.

High levels of Vitamin C - an important antioxidant, can help protect skin cells, whilst the natural oils also help lock moisture into the skin, meaning it is a popular ingredient in lotions and creams as it smooths and hydrates.

As well as being a popular oil for perfumery, rose oil is effective in burners and vaporisers to relieve tension and as a relaxant. It is also a useful ingredient in massage or bath oils.

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