DENMAN delivers for Haircuts 4 Homeless

Published: 14-Mar-2023

Stewart Roberts founder of Haircuts 4 Homeless recently received 200 bespoke branded Denman Original Stylers to gift or sell in support of his amazing charity

Haircuts 4 Homeless has built a community of skilled hairdresser volunteers who generously give their time free of charge to give haircuts to homeless people. This simple act of personal care helps give those experiencing homelessness a boost and just a little of the kindness they so richly deserve. Kevin McNamee, CEO of Denman International says “We were so happy to gift these tools to this amazing charity. We have a dedicated CSR team at Denman that actively seeks out opportunities to support brilliant causes like this one.

Along with the branded Original Stylers Denman delivered 10 full hairdressing brush and comb kits for Stewarts professional network and 60 Be Bop Brushes to gift to their clients. The Be Bop is a simple palm styler that is small, lightweight and very easy to clean, making them the perfect takeaway tool.

If you believe you can help extend Stewart’s network by volunteering your time and talent then please reach out on @haircuts4homelessuk on Instagram.

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