Delfin MoistureMeterEpiD: A specific solution for the evaluation of deep hydrating effects on skin

Published: 16-Feb-2021

The Delfin MoistureMeterEpiD is a unique instrument for the study and understanding of the deep hydration effects of cosmetic products. The measurement of the skin’s water content at the epidermal level provides important information for understanding skin healthiness and effects of products and ingredients on the skin. Skin deep hydration measurements are used in claims validation work, efficacy testing and research studies

The Delfin MoistureMeterEpiD is the choice of many world’s top cosmetics companies in the measurement of hydration at the epidermal level.

The MoistureMeterEpiD is scientifically validated and new literature is being published on a continuous basis. Conducting a research study with the MoistureMeterEpiD is very straightforward due to its short measuring time and ease of use. The fully portable and wireless MoistureMeterEpiD can be connected to our DMC Software for data collection and storage.

The Delfin MoistureMeterEpiD can be used with our VapoMeter and MoistureMeterSC to create a comprehensive solution for skin barrier function studies, providing vital information for claims validation work.

The skin barrier function is an important indicator of many skin conditions and one of the topics most studied by cosmetic companies.

The combination of these three devices provides information on transepidermal water loss (TEWL), hydration in stratum corneum and deep hydration down to epidermal level.

Since our inception, Delfin instruments have been created, designed, and assembled in Finland and innovative technological solutions have been the backbone of success.

Over the years, Delfin has grown into a company with global market reach where our products are now used in over 40 countries on all continents. Delfin instruments have opened numerous opportunities for studies related to the skin.

Delfin team has decades of experience in the field of skin research and we are willing and more than happy to share our expertise.

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