Darphin announces new 8-Flower Nectar Oil Cream

Published: 1-Jul-2015

Night cream offers benefits of oil in a moisturiser

Darphin has announced the launch of the 8-Flower Nectar Oil Cream (£65) – a night cream with a hybrid oil-cream formula.

Designed to introduce consumers who have not yet tried skin oils to the category, the product delivers ingredients from Darphin's popular 8-Flower Essential Oil Elixir in a rich oil cream. When applied to the skin the cream melts into a comforting skin oil, with all the anti-ageing properties of the original oil.

As well as 8-Flower Essenital Oil Elixir, the cream is formulated with: shea butter, tapioca, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, cranberry seed, date seed and vitamins C and E.

The product promises to condition and comfort the skin whilst soothing the senses with the delicate perfume of Darphin's 8-Flower Nectar.

Launch: October

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