Cornelius predicts next generation of sun care products

By Becky Bargh | Published: 20-Feb-2019

The chemical manufacturer and distribution firm forecasts demand will rise for higher factor sun protection products as health concerns grows

Chemical manufacturer and distribution firm Cornelius has predicted what it believes will be the next generation of sun care products to meeting growing consumer demand.

It believes, due to growing health concerns, higher factor suncreams and thick, chalky formulations will be a top trend for consumers this summer, instead of opting for lighter and sleeker feeling products.

Commenting on the predictions, Kelly Shenton, Personal Care Business Manager at Cornelius said: “In the past consumers may have been content with SPF15 or even lower but as awareness around sun protection has increased, they now understand the importance of a higher, broad spectrum SPF.”

Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to the sun as it causes damage to the DNA in skin’s cells.

According to Cancer Research UK, since the early 1990s, melanoma skin cancer incidence rates in the UK have increased by more than double (128%); this is particularly common in men with a hike of 175%, while rates in females have grown nearly two times (95%).

Shenton added: “Brands must now respond with sun care products that not only provide this increased protection but also offer a pleasant skin-feel and additional feature to further enhance safety, such as water resistance.”

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