Coptis: software solutions for cosmetic R&D

Published: 15-May-2014

Cosmetic Science Technology: For more than 14 years having double “IT and Cosmetic market” expertise, Coptis software solutions is a leading provider of Cosmetic R&D software products

Coptis is a leading international provider of Cosmetic R&D software solutions.  The company provides application software products for the cosmetic industry ranging from formulation and application laboratories, cosmetic manufacturers, development subcontractors, toxicology and testing companies, universities, consultants and also quality control laboratories.

Coptis Lab, the major product, is an integrated system for formulation development and regulatory affairs. It enables the cosmetic industry to manage development projects efficiently, reduce time to market and improve the quality and reliability of information. In addition, Coptis provides valuable services and support that increase clients’ performance. Its mission is to make the Coptis solutions a standard within the cosmetic Industry.

Improve time-to-market thanks to Coptis Lab software

Coptis Lab is an integrated system for formulation development and regulatory affairs. The software:

  • includes the various phases of the development of a cosmetic formula, from the marketing brief to the regulationfile, all linked to a project planning component.
  • centralises both the information on the cosmetic raw materials (specifications management, certificates of analysis, technical and regulatory data) and formulas (tests history, calculation of the formula costing and quantity to weight, operating mode per phase, batch number, followed by the tests to perform).
  • ensures optimal global regulatory compliance. Coptis Lab allows the formulator to be alerted of a regulatory issue from the very first stage of the formulation process. Formulators have immediate access to the accumulated data of all the INCIs for each raw material in the formula under development. Identifying authorised and non-authorised markets for each INCI saves months of development time.
  • allows the customisation of formula reports and generation of the Cosmetic Dossier (Product Information File, PIF).
  • also includes the CNPC functionality Management of the ‘Category and Frame-formula’ section according to mandatory EU regulations from July 11th, 2013.

Coptis: software solutions for cosmetic R&D

Coptis Valuable Services and Other Products

Coptis Ingredients: a comprehensive database developed through partnerships with cosmetic suppliers

Coptis Ingredients describes more than 12,000 cosmetic raw materials listed under 30 categories vital to formulators and regulatory bodies.

  • A library of 20,000 documents: MSDSs, product files and standard formulations are accessible as electronic files. Raw materials are listed by manufacturer in order to guarantee consistency of information. Distributors are indicated for each country.
  • Sample and documentation requests are available with one click.
  • Export into Coptis Lab with just one click.

Frequently updated, with an average of 1,000 cosmetic raw materials each year, Coptis Ingredients is more than a database; it is a unique tool for searching and discovering cosmetic raw materials.

Global Regulatory Database Integrated with Coptis Lab

The Coptis Regulatory Web Portal is an information repository of worldwide restrictions of specific ingredients collected through the collaboration of the Coptis Regulatory Group, based on its clients’ expertise. The group was established by the initiative of Coptis and has been in existence for many years. Coptis Lab users can use the information for regulatory analyses on their formulas in real time.

Coptis Docs by M-Files - an Electronic Document Management System

Incorporated with Coptis Lab, Coptis Docs by M-Files offers a powerful solution to complete the Production Information File and to manage its digital and electronic signatures with the 21 CFR Part 11 module.

Coptis Tab

This offers a complementary module to Coptis Lab that allows formulators to use Coptis Lab at the bench. It is an integrated solution with a tablet and bar code reader connected to a scanner and laboratory measurement devices.

Coptis Tab includes three functional modules:

  • Identification of raw materials (RM code, Risk phrases, CMR warning, lots, labelling, LDU)
  • Weighing (RM identification, sample and stock management)
  • Tests results synchronisation (according to Coptis Lab Test module automatic planning)

Coptis’ Visionary Collaboration and Evolution Policy

To ensure the continuous improvement of Coptis products, Coptis utilises the dual expertise of its teams of cosmetic chemists and IT specialists. Furthermore, the solutions company involves customers through our Users Club meetings and include the recommendations from users. The participation of customers enables the tools to evolve according to the industry’s increasingly demanding requirements.

Coptis are committed to providing our users with the benefits of all improvements made to the system, thereby establishing the Coptis products as the Cosmetic Industry standard.

Coptis: software solutions for cosmetic R&D

Coptis Lab and Coptis Ingredients are a registered trademarks.

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Tel: +33 1 39 04 23 40

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