Contractors reveal spike in customers' e-commerce support requirements

By Julia Wray | Published: 27-Jan-2021

The demand for outsourcing services generally remained high in 2020, reports BCMPA

Despite the obstacles and uncertainties thrown up by Covid-19 last year, demand for outsourcing services remained high, as brand owners and manufacturers sought to respond to changing market requirements.

According to the BCMPA – the UK’s association for contract manufacturing, packing, fulfilment and logistics, which marked its 20th anniversary last year – 2020 saw a major increase in traffic to its website with customers unable to visit trade shows and exhibitions.

At its peak, the site was receiving over 5,000 unique views each month, with enquiries directed to relevant members increasing by over 40% compared with the previous year.

“Despite all the challenges of 2020, from Covid-19 to Brexit, contract manufacturers, packers, fulfilment and logistic companies were busier than ever, with many brand owners and manufacturers so stretched that outsourcing quickly became the only answer,” commented BCMPA Chief Executive Rodney Steel.

Among key trends identified during the past year, the BCMPA says there has been phenomenal growth in supporting e-commerce requirements, especially with the impact of lockdown and other restrictions on traditional retail markets.

There was also an increased focus on white label and private label manufacturing as both new and established brands reacted to rapidly changing markets and product demands.

In response, the BCMPA has expanded its website project enquiry facility to reflect the broadening range of outsourcing services that companies were seeking and simplify the process of finding the right solution.

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