Madara Cosmetics

Founded in 2006, MÁDARA is the leading brand of AS MADARA Cosmetics and has been among the first pioneers in sustainable beauty business with an established customer base.

  • Natural & Organic Skincare and Makeup
  • ECOCERT/Cosmos Certified
  • Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-Free
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Recyclable Packaging

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MÁDARA has grown from a small niche player to one of the leading manufacturers in the region, pushing the boundaries of organic beauty and challenging conventional cosmetics with serious R&D work, eccentric ingredients, luxurious sensory qualities and a no-compromise performance.

"Bold enough to change the beauty industry: the renegades" - CONTENTBEAUTY.COM

Madara Cosmetics


All products are developed and manufactured in the brand’s factory located in Latvia. One of the most advanced in Northern Europe, it houses an R&D department and labs, along with a team of chemists, perfumers, technologists and designers. MÁDARA products are Natural & Organic certified according to the Ecocert and Cosmos standards by Ecocert Greenlife. With 95% of plant-based ingredients (plant oils, plant extracts, waxes, butters, floral water and similar) being certified organic, the brand promotes organic agriculture and biodiversity.

Madara Cosmetics

MÁDARA has used recyclable and sustainably made packaging since the very first product, including post-consumer recycled and plant-based materials. All bottles, tubes and flacons are 100% recyclable.

The brand exports to more than 40 countries around the globe, with an established presence in France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere
Entrepreneur, innovator, activist, mom of 3

Madara Cosmetics

"Deeper than skin is the philosophical essence of MÁDARA, meaning that beauty has a deeper impact. Ingredients can influence our body, health, and environment; production, sourcing and packaging processes all have their impacts on planet resources" - Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere


MÁDARA creates trustworthy, nature-powered skincare with proven effectiveness to meet the deepest needs of the skin. From gentle cleansers and moisturisers to intense serums, luxurious facial oils, mineral sunscreens and more – the comprehensive skincare range of more than 100 products is created for all skin types and concerns.

Madara Cosmetics


Launched in 2019, MÁDARA vegan makeup combines all-natural pigments and precious skincare ingredients with ultra-refined textures and lasting effect. Recognised for its professional performance, it has been selected as the official makeup for DAWEI show at Paris Fashion Week (2019, 2020) and ICEBERG men’s show at Milano Fashion Week (2020).


Cosmetics NORD, a sister company of AS MADARA Cosmetics, helps other companies, brands and celebrities to turn their ideas into reality, offering a full range of product development, custom formulation and private label manufacturing services.

Right photo courtesy of @monamifrost

Right photo courtesy of @monamifrost


Madara Cosmetics


  • Birch juice with 55 active skin-boosting molecules to replace the traditional water phase.
  • Extract of Northern Chanterelle to replace synthetic silicone and boost hair growth.
  • Plant stem cells grown in a lab to utilise the potency of distinctive species.
Madara Cosmetics

"Transported from the mystical natural landscapes of Latvia and the Baltic region to their very own innovative laboratory – this is how the unique ingredients of MÁDARA’s homeland are used to create the products that we have all come to love so much." – AMAZINGY.COM: Behind the Brand: Mádara Cosmetics

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Madara Cosmetics Madara Cosmetics Madara Cosmetics

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