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Lubrizol Beauty and Personal Care is the specialist division of Lubrizol Life Science (LLS) an essential product design, development and manufacturing partner to reputable companies worldwide, helping them to speed their projects to market. Integrating Beauty, Home and Health divisions, LLS leverages its collective consumer market knowledge and scientific expertise to provide innovative market-ready solutions that fuel customer growth


The Beauty business team partners with customers to develop, manufacture and market a broad range of differentiated ingredients and formulations for skin care, hair care and skin cleansing.

Our innovative solutions enhance functional performance and deliver aesthetic benefits that help people to live a more beautiful life.

The Home business team at Lubrizol Life Science offers a comprehensive range of specialty chemicals to enhance the performance of fabric, dish and surface care products.

The innovative ingredients and additives we produce modify physical properties and offer a range of functional benefits such as stain removal, hygiene improvements, fabric softening and surface modification for easier cleaning.

In partnership with customers in the home products industry, we innovate products that help people to live a more comfortable life.

Our mission is to advance solutions that inspire a healthier, more beautiful and comfortable life in partnership with our customers.

Technologies, Patents, New Products

Uniclay biotech ingredient mimics the effects of clay on the skin; offers cleaner, smoother and more beautiful skin for all ethnicities and improved sense of well-being.

Seascalp biomarine ingredient helps minimize the accumulation of sebaceous lipids and strengthen the skin barrier function as well as in naturally providing a healthy scalp with less itchiness, flakes and greasiness.

Matrifuse S-1 dispersant effectively prevents the agglomeration of pigment particles and significantly decreases the viscosity of formulations, which allows for higher pigment loading applications with more uniform spreading, intense color, and refreshing sensory.

Phenobio subcritical water technology is an eco-friendly extraction methodology by which we obtain environmentally-conscious, enriched botanical extracts.

Compass Sustainability Strategy: Lubrizol Life Science is setting a clear direction toward a sustainable future. Our Compass Sustainability Plan is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which direct us on a course to lower our environmental impact wherever possible and to bring others along on our journey.

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Major markets

Beauty: Skin Care, Hair Care, Hair Styling, Cleansing
Home: Fabric Care, Surface Care, Dish Care

Major products:

  • Carbopol polymers
  • Merquat conditioning polymers
  • Fixate styling polymers
  • Glucamate thickeners
  • Chembetaine and Sulfochem surfactants
  • Chromapol 5 polymer
  • Noverite polymers
  • Novethix polymer
  • Mykon TAED bleach activators
  • Lipotec active ingredients: peptide synthesis, biotechnology, botanicals, delivery systems & molecular films.

Specialised services

To answer your company’s need for consumer-driven formulation solutions at high speed, the Lubrizol Life Science Accelerator Program has been created for you. Outpace your competition with a beauty science partner that acts at the speed of a start-up, while responding with the reach, resources and delivery of a global leader.

Global Capabilities

  • Europe (Brussels): +32-2678-1911
  • North Latin America (Mexico City): +52-55-3067-0860
  • North America (Brecksville): +1 216 447-5000
  • Pacific Rim (Shanghai): + 86.21.3866.0366
  • Pacific Rim (Tokyo): +81-3-5434-2720
  • South Latin America (Sao Paulo): +55-11-4097-0250
  • South Asia (Mumbai): +91-22 6602-7800.