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Three companies, one group. InduPlast packaging group was founded in 2019 by combining three Italian companies; InduPlast S.p.A., Vexel S.r.l., and Verve S.p.A. The synergy between the three has created a Group that boasts valid and recognised expertise in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical (OTC) and food packaging industry. The Made in Italy know-how is one of the most precious elements that characterises the group. Europe Capital Partners VI SCA created the Induplast Packaging Group consolidating an Italian cosmetic packaging industry HUB thanks to the cooperation and interaction between three companies, each with their own approach and distinctive characteristics


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Every Induplast Packaging Group company is built on passion, innovation and technology. 
From the synergic combination of these  well-established Italian companies, we have built a highly innovative group to serve the packaging needs for cosmetics and food industries.


We help to develop each group company according to its specific profile and individuality, through a global strategy, market analysis and research, to encourage the growth of each business helping to consolidate the Induplast Packaging Group and its role as a landmark for the Italian cosmetic packaging market.


We develop innovative products and packaging solutions to respond promptly to market demands.
 We anticipate and offer solutions that respond to the trends of a constantly-evolving industry, and are always researching efficient, environmentally sustainable solutions.

Three companies, one group


Reliability is the keyword that characterises InduPlast, an Italian company founded in 1958. High quality stick containers, roll-ons, lip balm containers, jars, rigid tubes and make-up containers are the products that are made in the northern part of Italy, next to Bergamo, and sold worldwide.


Searching for a creative design? Vexel is the company that satisfies your needs and desires. Bottles and jars are their most iconic designs, suitable for many markets such as hair care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical (OTC) industries. Our wide range of packaging products can also be manufactured by using post-consumer recycled plastics.


Versatility is the word that best describes Verve; our packaging solution are extendable to different market segments such ad the pharmaceutical (OTC), cosmetic and food branches. Sophisticated decoration and in-house mould production distinguish the Verve company.


A complete and complementary offer:

  • Bottles and closures
  • Stick containers
  • Jars
  • Lip balm containers
  • Make-up containers and testers
  • Foamers and airless packaging
  • Vials and mini sizes
  • Rigid tubes
  • Pill containers.

Selection of brands with which we have had the pleasure of working with:

Laboratoire Pierre Fabre, Laboratoire d’Uriage, Acqua di Parma, Salvatore Ferragamo, L’Occitane and Allegrini.

InduPlast Packaging group has more than 2000 customers in 31 different countries and is continuously expanding.

Go green with our sustainable packaging solutions!

InduPlast Packaging Group cares about nature and its surrounding environment and thanks to this it offers many sustainable packaging solutions.

We develop eco-friendly products with a reduced environmental impact to limit the introduction of new plastic into the ecosystem.

How? By using PCR (post consumer recycled plastic polymers), such as r(recycled)PP and r(recycled)Pet, a sustainable raw material which comes from recycled plastics and therefore reduces the impact of plastics on the environment.

PCR registers the same quality and possible packaging solutions as virgin material, but is 100% recycled.

We also manufacture mono material packaging, such as stick containers, with 100% PP, making our products EcoCert certified, thanks to it’s 100% recyclable material

Supporting the fight against Covid-19

Induplast Packaging Group is supporting the fight against Covid-19 by supplying full packaging solutions for hydroalcoholic gel.

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