Companies collaborate on marine extracts for skin care

Published: 31-Jan-2012

Aqua Bio Technology has partnered with Aquapharm to develop new ingredients for skin care

Norwegian personal care ingredients manufacturer Aqua Bio Technology is joining forces with Scottish marine biotechnology company Aquapharm to develop a new generation of sustainable ingredients for the skin care market.

The two companies aim to identify natural marine ingredients that could be produced with minimal environmental impact to replace the petroleum-based components currently used in skin care products.

Aquapharm believes marine microbes could be used to create a diverse range of ‘next generation’ products including anti-ageing ingredients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as natural preservatives – and it has developed a special fermentation process to source and produce the extracts.

“We have an ageing population, and one that is more environmentally aware, and both factors have led to an increasing demand for personal care products with proven scientific benefits. As such brand owners and retailers in this sector are seeking out new sources of innovative, naturally derived, anti-ageing ingredients – and we believe we have an answer,” said Jon Williams, vp commercial for Aquapharm.

“Our approach could lead to significant economic and environmental benefits over existing petroleum-based ingredients, as well as being cost competitive.”

Aquapharm has also worked with Albany Molecular (AMRI) to identify new antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory candidates and collaborated with Croda International to source marine-derived ingredients for skin and hair care products.

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