Codex Beauty patents edible personal care preservation system

By Julia Wray | Published: 3-Aug-2020

Naturally-derived composition is said to be ideal for baby care goods, which can accidentally be ingested

US patents have been issued for two compositions from Codex Beauty, including an edible, food-grade preservative designed for use in topical personal care.

The patent, U.S. No. 10,721,937, is based on the association of naturally-derived ferment and salt-based ingredients, which, according to Codex Beauty, are not typically used as primary antimicrobial agents.

However, in combination, they are claimed to provide superior broad-spectrum preservation of topical compositions for use on skin, hair and/or nails.

Trade named PreservX, the system is not only considered food-grade but is technically edible as well, making it especially suitable for easily-ingested infant care products.

“We are delighted that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has acknowledged this innovation by granting the patent in under a year from first submission,” said Marc Cornell, cosmetic consultant and one of the named inventors of PreservX.

PreservX is said to be the only preservation system used in Codex Beauty’s water-containing products, including creams and gels in its existing Bia and upcoming Antü collections.

The company is also hoping to licence PreservX to other beauty manufacturers.

“We believe that PreservX is a breakthrough in the domain of beauty product preservation, as it is not based on any fossil fuel-derived ingredients and all of its constituents are edible,” Barbara Paldus, CEO of Codex Beauty, explained.

“We believe that this provides a new level of sustainable safety for skin care, especially for products geared towards babies and young children, who can accidentally ingest skin care products through nursing or sucking their hands.”

The second patent (U.S. No. 10,682,306) relates to an Ecocert-approved, organic composition to soothe, calm, nourish, moisturise and hydrate skin.

Called BiaComplex, the composition comprises macerated oil infusions of Calendula officinalis, Helichrysum italicum and Symphytum officinale, blended together with water infusions of Viola tricolor and Althea officinalis to form a deeply nourishing and hydrating formula.

Food-grade emulsifiers are then used to combine these oil and water ingredients.

Tracey Ryan, Master Formulator and GM of Codex Beauty Europe, and one of the named inventors, commented: “BiaComplex is unique because each plant extract addresses skin hydration in a different way: it not only moisturises and hydrates the skin, but helps the skin retain and lock in this moisture, thereby enhancing both its health and appearance.

“If the skin is also compromised, it helps to alleviate symptoms associated therewith.”

BiaComplex is used in the company’s Bia Skin Superfood product and will be incorporated into a new Bia Body collection, scheduled to launch in 2021.

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