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Clinique takes Chinese retail concept global

By Becky Bargh | Published: 5-May-2021

Retail concept gives nod to Clinique’s product development by merging lab environment with minimalist aesthetics

Clinique’s newly developed retail concept, Clinique Laboratories, an investment initially earmarked for the Chinese market, is now expected to roll out globally.

Launched in the city of ShenZhen in December last year, the in-store design is a visual nod to the development of Clinique’s beauty products.

Merging a lab environment with minimalistic aesthetics, the concept is designed to be ‘warm and welcoming’ for visitors, and has incorporated interaction tools to enhance the user’s experience.

To help shoppers navigate the right products in-store for them, as part of the design Clinique will install its diagnostics application, Clinique Clinical Reality, at the shop’s entrance and throughout the space.

The tool uses facial scanning software to analyse skin and to provide custom skin care and beauty solutions for their needs.

Clinique takes Chinese retail concept global

Clinique’s Discovery Table will stand at the centre of the space to encourage customers to try and test products from the brand.

“The Clinique Laboratories concept has been designed with today’s savvy, well-researched consumer in mind, who prioritise individuality and self-expression above all else,” said George Gottl, co-founder of UXUS, the retail design agency behind the concept.

“The sophisticated and approachable lab environment brings Clinique’s skin science heritage to life and educates consumers on the benefits of products through bold graphics and layered storytelling.

“Each zone within the retail space invites play interaction and is geared towards providing bespoke skin care and beauty solutions suited to specific needs.”

Ingrid Montoya, VP Global Retail Design at Clinique, added: “The Clinique Laboratories retail concept juxtaposes our brand’s DNA with a fresh new look for our in-store experiences.

“As a space of tensions, the rigour of the laboratory, a nod to our efficacious products, is balanced by the use of soft curves, natural materials and dynamic lighting, each designed to leave the consumer with a feeling of small joys and optimism.

“The spirit of discovery infuses the space, from the visual merchandising which invites you to discover how science powers every product we createm to skin diagnosis portals and community-building Skin School services.

“It’s an expression of Clinique for the future.”

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