CC leave-in hair conditioner with silicone quaternium micro emulsion

Published: 17-Apr-2014

Silicone Quaternium microemulsion

Silicone Quaternium microemulsion

INCI NAME: Silicone Quaternium-17 (and) Trideceth-7 (and) Trideceth-5

CC leave-in hair conditioner with silicone quaternium micro emulsion

During In-Cosmetics 2014 Hamburg we launched our new Quaternium microemulsion used in (premium) hair care products. We emphasised our BRB 5446 already during the run-up of In-Cosmetics and we have showcased a variety of different formulations including this microemulsion. For those interested and those who might have missed us at In-Cosmetics, check our CC Leave In Hair Conditioner formulation containing our BRB 5446.

BRB 5446 is a clear, non-ionic microemulsion of a quaternary ammonium functional silicone.


  • Offers superior wet and dry detangling, softness and healthy-looking hair
  • Enhances heat protection by reducing moisture loss during thermal treatments, e.g. styling, straightening and blow-drying
  • Durable conditioning effect provides long-lasting hair strength and elasticity
  • High cationic nature targets hair with maximum damage


  • Offers premium conditioning effects in a wide variety of hair care product types
  • Effective at low application rates, typically 0.5-4.0%
  • Simple process ability and easy incorporation into formulations
  • Especially suited to clear products

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