Cantu unveils new community-influenced brand identity

By Julia Wray | Published: 26-Apr-2022

Revamped look for the textured hair label follows a reformulation of the brand’s hero product in partnership with ‘Sister Scientist’ Erica Douglas

Textured hair stalwart Cantu has revealed its new brand identity, designed with the help of its community of ‘curlfriends’.

The brand said it reached out to a “vast collective” of consumers, asking them what they wanted to see reflected in its new imagery, typography, structure and colour palette.

Feedback led Cantu to design and build artwork tailored to consumers’ desired style, hair type and texture.

Core product packaging updates include a colour-code that indicates the specific product type, ie style products (maroon bar), conditioning (green bar) and detailed information on the best uses of each product.

Bolder colours and contemporary structures have also been introduced for better impact, and online and offline ‘findability’.

"Cantu hair care is synonymous with orange. We wanted to embrace this vibrant colour, and confidently own it for the new modernised look," said Design Bridge's Creative Director, Jessica Marie, who led the rebrand.

"The product formulas are curated for all curl types and we highlight this with an energetic graphic representation of coils, curls and waves that can be used on and off the packaging.

"The design refresh makes Cantu a beacon in the hair care aisle – the go-to brand that celebrates all curls."

The collaborative revamp comes shortly after the reformulation of the brand’s best-selling Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner to make it more moisturising.

The new formula was created in partnership with cosmetic chemist and beauty expert Erica Douglas, also known as Sister Scientist.

"When the team at Cantu heard that there were a few consumers that wanted to make some changes to the award-winning Shea Butter leave-in conditioner, they listened," Douglas said.

"We immediately started strategising through the reformulation to remove alcohols and silicones to ensure that people who have sensitivities or objections to these ingredients can also enjoy the benefits of Cantu's most popular leave-in conditioner.

"We also ramped up moisturising and conditioning properties and worked on improving absorption especially for type 4 curls."

The brand's new look will make its debut in a new omni-channel campaign titled ‘As You Are’.

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