BeautyPro’s 'Plant Science' campaign this veganuary

Published: 4-Jan-2021

This Veganuary, BeautyPro are going to be telling you how you can get amazing benefits to the skin with plant based sheet masks.

The plant based range from BeautyPro contains 6 Superfood Sheet Masks that boast a vast number of benefits and are produced with the best formulas that will provide you with the same benefits than non plant based products. There is a sheet mask for every skin type and concern within this range.

You don’t have to be vegan to buy these masks, BeautyPro are simply looking to educate on how you can switch things up and get the same results from plant based products as you can with non plant based products and you will not be having to compromise in any way.

One of BeautyPro’s best sellers from the original range is the Brightening Mask. Now within their Plant Based Range, you will find their Pumpkin Infused sheet mask.

These two masks will get you the same results, but with different formulas, one being packed with superfoods.

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