Beautycoll wins gold at the Pure Beauty Awards 2019

Published: 28-Oct-2019

Award winning Beautycoll collagen and vitamin skincare drinks are the brain child of Yorkshire based brother and sister team Jack and Emma Caine

Acquiring manufacturing premises in 2018 they have independently developed and manufactured a range of beauty care products and an exciting new aesthetics brand focusing on vitamins and scientifically proven ingredients for skin.

They joined the industry at a young age under the wing of their father who ran a food supplement business. Our award winning Beautycoll collagen and vitamin skincare drinks include a variety of skin loving vitamins, minerals and Peptan collagen actively promoting nutrition for skin, hair and nails.

The right nutrition can make skin look younger and more beautiful. Scientific research as proven that nutrition can influence our skins elasticity, firmness and moisture binding capacity by contributing to well organised collagen fibres. Peptan collagen peptides, in particular, have proven skin beauty benefits, contributing to a healthier, younger looking skin.

“As we age collagen production slows down. Thankfully the Peptan molecule is a bioavailable form of collagen. Ninety per cent of it is digested into small peptides” which means that once it is in the bloodstream, these peptides can act as building blocks for cells, boosting the production of new fibres to improve elasticity and prevent wrinkles” says Emma Caine, Head of product development at Beautycoll. Featured in Marie Claire.

It is rewarding to finally be taken seriously as a clinically proven product. We are currently experiencing a boom in the aesthetics industry where science complements natural vitamins.

2020 holds fantastic opportunities to expand the range. With Jack and Emma’s expertise in product formulation, manufacturing, development, branding and marketing the future is looking exciting.

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