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APC Packaging has provided innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to global skincare, cosmetics and beauty brands for almost 20 years. Their in-house engineering, project management and logistics teams work in conjunction with our factory to create customized and private mold packaging solutions. Their Florida headquarters also includes a warehouse with a vast inventory of in-stock packaging to meet quality, style and compatibility needs. APC Packaging, a WBENC certified supplier, is your partner in packaging perfection.

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Looking for a strategic packaging partner to not only guide you through the process but also ensure that All Points are Covered along the way from innovative and sustainable engineering, competitive pricing, and rapid production turnaround times to responsive customer service and confidence through experience? APC Packaging is your strategic partner in packaging perfection.

Sustainable Packaging

To meet the sustainability goals of your brand, APC Packaging has curated an assortment of its products that include Refillable Components, Mono-Materials, PP, Glass, Paper, PE and ABS. APC Packaging can also incorporate PCR into most products. Here are some of the sustainable innovations patented by APC Packaging:

APC Packaging

Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle - The patented, Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle has been created with the end-consumers in mind, to ensure a beautiful experience that has a positive impact on the environment. Being mono-material further allows for easy disposal, as this dropper or the dropper and the bottle can be recycled as one unit. APC’s Mono-Material System will be showcased in their first stock offering which will be a 20/410 dropper with a 30ml PP bottle. APC Packaging designed the pipette utilizing the latest technology for clarity, which overcomes the use of glass in typical multi-material & non-recyclable droppers on the market today. The pipette and bottle were both designed using Polypropylene (PP) enhanced with NX® UltraClearTM to challenge the traditional clarity of glass.

APC Packaging has consistently created highly customizable experiences to provide brands with a differentiated and unique offering. APC innovation continues to aid a brands mission for sustainable packaging while holding true to delivering brands a customizable package. Creative departments are no longer limited to just picking a color for the bulb and dropper collar. The pipette can now have transparent colors or tints added for a new effect or to aid in visualization of the bulk being dosed.

Mono-Material Jar & Cap Series - APC Packaging has recently launched its glossy 100% all Polypropylene Jar GSPP to meet the sustainability needs of skincare and beauty brands. The GSPP is considered a mono-material since it is 100% Polypropylene (PP). It can also be created as 100% PP PCR which is previously recycled PP. By sticking with just one material, the entire jar and cap can be easily recycled by the consumer as one single unit. No need for disassembly.

Airless Refillable System - The patented refillable system utilizes polypropylene throughout the entire system and can be used with Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR) to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact. The airless design allows up to a package total of 75% PCR to be incorporated. The Airless Refillable System designed by APC Packaging’s engineering department utilizes a simple push of a button to release the inner assembly which allows the customer to easily replace only the inner bottle and then easily slide and snap back into position. The Airless Refillable System is available in 30ml and 50ml versions.

Refillable Jar – The refillable jar is available in 30 and 50ml sizes and includes an inner jar that can be released from the bottom by pushing the inner jar. The inner jar can be recycled and a new refill can be clicked into place and then the cap can be replaced.



  • Have their own factory
  • Responsive (quick turn around on requests & quotes)
  • Short Lead Time on Orders (8 week average on customized orders and 48 hours on in-stock)
  • Competitive pricing includes shipping & duties from China on all customized quotes to US Port
  • US Headquarters (engineering, logistics, project management, account executives)
  • Low MOQ (1 case for in-stock and 10,000+ for customized)
  • Large inventory of in-stock products in US warehouse
  • 96.3% Customer Retention Rate

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