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AliExpress unveils plans to boost cross-border e-commerce

By Julia Wray | Published: 18-Oct-2021

Tech investment and newly implemented strategies will facilitate growth in key areas like Brazil and Europe, says the Chinese e-commerce giant

AliExpress, the global retail marketplace owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, is setting its sights on international growth with the announcement of new solutions to boost its cross-border capabilities.

The business revealed it is partnering with Cainiao – Alibaba’s logistics arm – to offer set-day delivery guarantee on selected international orders.

It said upgrades, comprising domestic Chinese selection warehouses, automated sorting centres, overseas warehouses, increased weekly charter flights and a last mile self-pickup network (with 20,000 service points in Spain, France, Poland and Russia), have helped create one of the world’s most robust e-commerce ecosystems.

These new additions, added AliExpress, speed up the dispatch time needed for shipments from China to overseas customers.

The company plans to further increase its investment in technology to support both global and local logistics having enjoyed triple-digit growth in key markets Brazil, Spain and France during 2020, which included lockdowns and temporary store closures in many regions.

“Shoppers worldwide have come to expect efficient delivery,” said Wang Mingqiang, General Manager of AliExpress.

“Through our ongoing innovations and strategic partnership with Cainiao, we have enhanced our cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. We can now help our sellers deliver popular products within an incredibly efficient delivery time to Europe and Latin America.

“As we implement this enhanced supply chain network ahead of the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, we are thrilled to be delivering goods faster and more reliably with no additional cost for our valued customers.”

AliExpress unveils plans to boost cross-border e-commerce

Through AliExpress’ partnership with Cainiao, five selection warehouses have been established in China for sellers to pre-stock their AliExpress products, significantly reducing dispatch time.

Combined with nine domestic automated sorting centres and 80 chartered flights on average every week, AliExpress now offers ten working days delivery for selected cross-border orders made in Spain and France, 12 working days for Brazil and five working days for South Korea.

There are plans to roll out the initiatives in more European markets.

Additionally, AliExpress plans to introduce ‘On-time Guarantee’ in Spain and France. This service will be applicable for any orders shipping from China domestic selection warehouses, as well as Cainiao overseas warehouses, and AliExpress will automatically reimburse US$1 coupon per order in case of late arrival of the packages.

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