Africa ME - UAE: Sun Care Market Report 2017

Published: 7-Apr-2017

Growth remains steady for UAE’s sun care market, but focusing on user-friendly formats and formulations could increase daily use of sunscreens

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Year-round sunshine, a young population and a large expatriate community have made the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a strategic destination for multinational sun care brands, which continue to dominate the local market.

According to Euromonitor, the UAE’s sun care market was valued at Emirati Dirham AED89.38m (US$24.3m) in 2016, up 4% compared to 2015. And sales are expected to continue to grow at an annual rate of 1.42% to 2020.

Equivalent to US.3m. Estimated figures.<br>Source: Euromonitor International

Equivalent to US.3m. Estimated figures.
Source: Euromonitor International

“Growth for the sun care industry mainly comes from consumer awareness and the highlighted importance of sun protection from skin care practitioners and dermatologists,” notes Amna Abbas, Research Analyst at Euromonitor.

Historically, sun care product usage in the UAE has been driven by western residents, who are well aware of the need for protection, especially when tanning. A growing interest has also been observed among other nationalities, as those visiting a dermatologist are usually advised to

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