A wide product range is crucial to attracting consumers in-store

By Becky Bargh | Published: 14-Nov-2017

IRI report shows specialist drug and make-up stores are proving to be more popular with consumers due to their wide product range

The European Shoppers Insight Report conducted by data provider IRI has revealed that a wide product range is key to attracting consumers.

The study asked 2,600 shoppers across seven European countries to evaluate each retail channel based on a list of features including: innovation, shopping experience and quality.

The results, it showed that emerging specialist beauty channels, such as drug, make-up and perfumery stores, are more popular with customers because of their wide product range.

The report stated that 56% of shoppers chose to visit a drug store because of the wide variety of products; meanwhile 59% of consumers selected a make-up store based on product variety.

Considering other factors, 49% of shoppers were also attracted by in-store services at make-up retailers and 34% by quality.

As well as a wide product range, specialists stores are outperforming hypermarkets and supermarkets when it comes to customer satisfaction.

“This a major challenge, that manufacturers and mass market retailers need to work out together; identifying the right range, product and brand positioning, as well as pricing strategy, in order to offer a real alternative to these specialised stores,” said, Laura Fusi, Shopper Insight Senior Manager at IRI.

According to the results, a higher level of customer satisfaction is experienced in specialist stores due to customer experience aligning with expectations.

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