A skin microbiome solution that can improve the skin barrier damaged by UV

Published: 3-Jul-2023

UV exposure can lead to dry skin, increased wrinkles, pigmentation, and weakened barrier function, which can lead to skin malignant tumours or lesions

As the amount of UV irradiation to the skin increases due to environmental pollution, interest in photoaging continues to increase in the beauty market, and demand for anti-photoaging cosmetics is also increasing.

As issues regarding the safety and environmental pollution of ingredients used as UV filters emerge, interest in new materials that can replace them is also increasing.

Restoring skin microbiome balance

A skin microbiome solution that can improve the skin barrier damaged by UV

ACTIVON paid attention to the correlation between UV and skin microbiome, which is called the ‘second barrier’ of the skin, and developed a skin microbiome-based anti-photoaging product that can be used as a next-generation photo-protective agents for sun care products. Activega-Cerebiome, a new product for 2023, promotes the resilience and recovery speed of the skin microbiome barrier and activates the skin's self-defense system by promoting the secretion of RoxP.

Activega-Cerebiome is an ingredient made by upcycling yeast that has been used many times and is no longer used for beer fermentation. The synergistic effect of brewer's yeast extract and propanediol maximises efficacy.

Activega-Cerebiome can be applied to various products. With Activega-Cerebiome, which can minimise skin damage caused by UV and restore damaged skin you can upgrade the function of sun care products. When applied to skin care products, it can provide a barrier-improving effect that can protect the skin from various environmental pollutants that cause skin photoaging. By applying it to skinification products, it is possible to protect the scalp, which is the first to be attacked by UV.

Activega-Cerebiome will be showcased in the Innovation Zone of the in-cosmetics Korea which will be held at COEX C hall, Seoul from July 12th to 14th , and can also be found at the ACTIVON booth (J70).

For more information including test data, please refer to this link: www.activon-global.com/post/2023-new-product-activega-cerebiome

Activega-Cerebiome summary

INCI Name - Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract, Propanediol, Water

Effect - Restoration of skin microbiome balance damaged by UV


  • Upcycled by products
  • Sustainable manufacturing process
  • Minimize the loss of active ingredients
  • Ease of application (Water soluble)


  • COSMOS certificated
  • Vegan certificated
  • China exportable
  • Patented (10 2022 0166275)

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