A premium natural solution to reveal hair beauty

Published: 22-Feb-2024

Discover NUTRIPEPTIDES, SILAB’s natural active ingredient providing a soothing and hydrating action to enhance hair beauty

"Skinification" shaping the future of hair care routines

Care products developed by the cosmetics industry (shampoos, conditioners, masks, and detanglers) have historically aimed to render hair shinier, softer, smoother, curlier and more resistant. It is now recognized however that caring for the hair alone is insufficient, due to the intimate relation existing between hair and scalp. It is indeed important to have a healthy scalp to sustain the growth and health of hair.

The scalp however is subjected to continual daily aggression by a multitude of factors including mechanical (friction from brushing and combing), thermal (hair dryers), chemical (dyes, washing hair too frequently) and environmental (dust, UV, pollution). These aggressions disrupt its equilibrium and trigger an inflammatory reaction that causes redness and irritations. This alteration of the scalp is not without consequences for the hair, that becomes dull, loses volume, and becomes thin, dry and brittle.

With awareness of this situation, hair care routines are evolving by adopting codes borrowed from skin care. This trend is called skinification and offers consumers the possibility of paying equal attention to their face, body and hair. At a time when hair care is becoming more sophisticated, SILAB has decided to investigate the potential of NUTRIPEPTIDES® to care for the scalp and hair, its active ingredient initially recognized for nourishing and protective effects on the skin.

Balanced scalp for beautified hair

SILAB’s expertise in enzymatic engineering has enabled the company to make full use of the nutritional properties of rice to develop this active ingredient rich in di- and tri-peptides.

A clinical study on volunteers with damaged hair has enabled its activity spectrum on the scalp and hair to be determined. After two months of application, NUTRIPEPTIDES® results in a soothing effect by attenuating inflammation and the presence of redness in the scalp. In addition, the company’s extensive experience with digital imaging has shown the repairing and densifying properties of the active ingredient on the hair fiber. NUTRIPEPTIDES® also improves hair quality by increasing volume and boosting shine. These effects were perceived by the volunteers themselves throughout the study and also by a panel of untrained evaluators.

NUTRIPEPTIDES® is a natural, high added-value alternative to synthetic hair care products. With its action on both the scalp and the hair, it fully responds to the new expectations of consumers, seeking for global solutions capable of revealing their hair beauty.

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