Why body care brands should consider the science behind wellbeing

Published: 15-Nov-2017

Brands should incorporate neuroscience as well as skin science into their new body care product development process in order to meet the wellness trend, as Katerina Steventon writes

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If facial skin care is about attractiveness, body care is about wellbeing. And while the wellness industry is not for everyone, its experiential focus can be used to help guide and shape the future direction of at-home body care.

Mental wellness crisis

There is a general consensus that levels of stress, depression and anxiety in the West are increasing due to a number of factors, such as rising global economic inequality, relentless digital connection, media and work overload.

We live busy yet, at times, socially isolating lifestyles and social media keep us ‘alone together’. Poor mental health, depression and anxiety of the ‘selfie-driven’ generation is due in large part to constant virtual comparisons. From ‘fake news’ to our social media ‘bubbles’, the very idea of reality is fast disappearing as we have become increasingly disconnected from the physical world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that mental health will be one of its top priorities in the next decade. Traditionally, Western medicine has focused on physical health.

However, medical science has recognised the impact of emotions on body physiology, with a greater focus on mental wellbeing in the future

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