Vetroplas partners with Dinaïa in latest beauty launch

Published: 7-Feb-2024

Rooted in cultural heritage and committed to clean beauty, Dubai-based beauty brand Dinaïa aims to empower the health-conscious Arab woman with premium, vegan, and cruelty-free formulations

In its latest launch of Nourish Hair Oil and Nourish Skin Oil, Dinaïa has teamed up with packaging specialist Vetroplas in conjunction with its Italian partner Eurovetrocap.

The new products have been packaged in premium clear glass bottles – the 50ml Italia and 100ml Bazille bottle – and finished with silk screen printed inks resulting in a clean looking, contemporary bottle which showcases the high-quality natural ingredients.

The 50ml Italia was complemented by a pipette style dropper with silver aluminium collar and white nitrilic rubber bulb and the 100ml Bazille bottle by a round screw cap and reducer plug. Nourish Skin Oil – with olive squalane and watermelon seed oil - and Nourish Hair Oil – with fig seed oil and desert date oil - have been developed to cater specifically to the diverse needs of the Arab community. In addition to premium ingredients, brand founder Dina Shaban emphasised the importance of packaging which seamlessly blended elegance and functionality.

"Crafted with precision and tailored for our luxurious oil-based formulas, these premium glass bottles from Vetroplas preserve the potency of our products whilst also enhancing the overall user experience. With sustainability at the forefront, they embody the perfect harmony between our clean formulations and sophisticated, recyclable packaging."

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