Tubex’s green Lidl deodorant pack wins sustainability prize

By Julia Wray | Published: 28-Jul-2021

The natural ink-using pack scooped the sustainability category at the German Packaging Awards 2021

Tubex has been awarded with a 2021 German Packaging Award in the sustainability category for its Lidl Cien Pure & Fresh deodorant can.

The can is the first in the world to be printed with natural ink. The printing ink from PURe is free of mineral oil, palm oil, soy bean oil and coconut oil. The binding agents of the ink are based on renewable resources without chemical modifications.

PURe and Tubex are said to have worked closely together to develop the sustainable printing ink for aluminium.

The Cien Pure & Fresh can is also 6% lighter than its previous design due to the patented alloy used, which has up to 25% PCR inclusion, with 60% inclusion possible.

Finally the water-based outer varnish emits 60% less solvents than a standard top coat to complement the sustainability of the can.

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