Swallowfield develops plastic aerosol packaging

Published: 27-Apr-2015

The lightweight, robust new packaging is highly flexible

Swallowfield has produced an aerosolised post-foaming shower gel in a plastic can, a first for this product category. The packaging is 18% lighter than the previous format and will allow for consistency in brands with complementary products marketed in plastic bottles, tubes or jars.

The technology enables greater flexibility in can shape because of the moulding capability of the plastic. It is also softer to the touch and less likely to cause damage if dropped than previous forms of packaging.

“This product sees a real development in the way aerosol products will be packaged in the future,” said Jane Fletcher, Group Sales & Marketing Director at Swallowfield. “We see particular opportunities to apply this new technology to other high value product categories such as shave gels, hair styling, body care and skin care.”

The new technology was developed over a three-year period and included safety testing in line with proposed Federation of European Aerosols standards and UK standards.

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