Spherilex 148: The perfect partner for sensitive toothpaste formulations

Published: 22-Aug-2019

Evonik presents their newest silica technology Spherilex 148. To ease the life of an increasingly large percentage of the world’s population experiencing gum and teeth sensitivity, Business Line Silica created a new grade of precipitated silica designed to benefit sensitive toothpaste formulations.

The flow of fluids through open dentin tubules allows external stimuli, e.g. cold, acid, etc., to reach the nerves in the tooth pulp tissue which can trigger a sensation of pain.

With its matching round shape and precisely controlled smaller particle size, Spherilex 148 has been shown to have an affinity to occlude dentin tubules. This naturally derived mineral product enhances Evonik’s existing portfolio of Zeodent and Spherilex grades.

All silica oral care products are produced under the highest safety and quality standards. Spherilex 148 meets USP-NF ‘Dental-Type Silica’ and EP ‘Silica, dental type’ monographs, and is listed as a “derived mineral ingredient” in the Annex D of ISO 16128-1 with the INCI name “Hydrated Silica”.

All Oral Care Spherilex grades conform to COSMOS as a non-organic raw material and are certified Pareve, Kosher, Kosher for Passover, and Halal.

Evonik is a leading global manufacturer of silica. In addition to the fumed silica Aerosil and the precipitated silica Ultrasil, Sipernat, Zeodent and Spherilex, Evonik also produces silica based matting agents under the brand name Acematt and other fumed metal oxides under the brand Aeroxide.

Overall, Evonik has a global production capacity for all silica based products of about 1 million metric tons/year.

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